CEO & Top Management

CEO & Top Management


CEO & Top Management

The Purpose of Business and Job Design


Determination of Job Role and Accountabilities

  • Cascading of the Chief Executive Officer’s Job role and Accountabilities to the Top Managers
  • Cascading of the top job roles and accountabilities to the middle managerial positions.
  • Determination of the working process and reporting relationships.


Why Job Design has to be a Top Management Priority

Job design is the link between Corporate Plan and Functional Management. This is the area that requires cross-functional consideration to maximise value to the Organisation. Job Design is the foundation of several Human Resource Management systems, particularly Competency Development, Performance Management & Compensation Management. To motivate Technical Professionals Job Design is the Starting Point.


Note: You may modify this generic CEO Job Design(Job Grade 12) and cascade it down to all levels of the company as an exercise. CEO Job Grade 12