International Human Resources Strategy

International Human Resources Strategy

International Human Resources Strategy

Are Expatriates Paid Competitively

Overseas assignment is a complex matter. It deals with issues which are not common concerns within a country. The best practices on Expatriate Compensation Management has been established over the years and there is no need to bear growing pains anymore.

Principles on International HR Strategy

ICC provides services covering the following: –

  • tax equalization,
  • exchange rates,
  • hardship allowance,
  • cost of living
  • repatriation,
  • quality of living,
  • relocation services,
  • compensation related matters,
  • personal safety,
  • non-bilateral agreement,
  • cross-cultural issues and etc.

ICC’s methods and approach cover comprehensive overseas assignments policy and practice by using build-up calculation method which is fair and transparent. The data that we provide is up-to-date by our collaboration with an international network of consultants. Our compensation database and cost of living index, including quality of living index are the current best practices.

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