Strategic Compensation Services

Strategic Compensation Services

Strategic Compensation Services

What are the objectives of Compensation?

  • To Motivate Superior Performance?
  • To Satisfy Employees’ Needs?
  • To Drive Motivation for Performance?
  • To Pay Cost Effectively?

The quest to attract and retain talents has been in the heart of every organisation striving for business results. Compensation has been thought to be a major enabler in enhancing organisation’s competitiveness. Organisations that strive for Superior Business Results attract, retain and motivate the best.

A New Approach – engaging employees as Business Partners

Maintaining average business performance in well established organisations is relatively straight forward. However, to achieve Superior Performance requires organizations to move beyond satisfying the basic expectations for compensation.

The Consultants in ICC are experienced in providing advice to assist companies in designing and installing Compensation Programmes for Superior Performance. Our experiences include:

  • Board of Directors Remuneration Design
  • Executive Remuneration Design
  • Non-Executive Remuneration Design
  • Short and Long-Term Incentive Design
  • Terms and Conditions of Service Design

The Thinking, Feeling and Reaction of Employees Regarding Compensation:

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:


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