About ICC

About ICC

ICC Background

ICC is an investment company of Usains Holding, Penang, assisting clients in achieving organisational effectiveness through research-based  implementation of proven models for superior performance.

Consultants in ICC have implemented many complex strategic change assignments covering large multinationals, public listed corporations, government-linked companies and non-profit organisations.

ICC is a research-based organization effectiveness consultancy assisting clients to undertake complex strategic  change assignments using proven models for superior performance.

The major change areas are :-

  • Organization structure
  • Organization culture
  • Top management job design
  • Compensation strategy
  • Talent management and succession development
  • Competency based HR policy formulation
  • Job vs Person competency  measurement
  • Corporate governance studies and policy implementation

Area of Expertise:  Organization Effectiveness

  • We help clients to identify characteristics and competencies of superior performers, to ensure that critical jobs are filled by effective people.
  • We introduce new assessment and selection procedures based on researched understanding of jobs.
  • Using the Competency-based approach in matching the person to the job we assist clients to develop and install effective career and succession planning processes.
  • We conduct training needs analysis and help clients to develop and organise strategic training and development programmes.
  • We install performance management processes in client organisations aimed at helping staff identify key results and competencies, develop coaching skills and effectively reviewing and rewarding performance.
  • We provide service excellence advice on design and install quality service programmes.

Area of Expertise :  Human Capital Management

  • We help clients develop organisation structures, defining jobs and performance standards to drive significant strategic changes
  • We provide clarity about required ‘change of culture’ and what has to be done to achieve change
  • We conduct attitude surveys and culture studies on how people feel about the organisation, their jobs, their careers, policies, systems and procedures and how they affect their motivation and productivity
  • We design and organise integrated change programmes to achieve company strategic goals
  • We conduct vision conference and workshops to clarify goals and directions and to develop staff commitment towards the organisation’s strategy

Area of Expertise :  Rewards Management

  • We research market salary trends and we provide remuneration information to clients to enable competitive benchmarking and salary structure review
  • We install grading and pay structures establishing fair and motivating pay and benefits packages, and we provide advice on effective optimization of employment costs
  • We develop incentive and bonus programmes at top, middle and junior management levels, and throughout the organisation creating a results culture
  • We design executive compensation packages that provide for fair measure of potential gain and at an acceptable business risk to management and shareholders

Challenges Ahead

Globalisation and free market economy is presenting corporations with new opportunities.  The major challenge facing leaders is how to generate superior management capability, competitive spirit and organisation effectiveness so that the organisation’s VISION can be translated to PERFORMANCE and RESULTS.