ICC Remuneration Database

ICC Remuneration Database

ICC Remuneration Database

The main objective of the Database is to enable competitive positioning of companies to attract, engage and retain professionals for business results.

ICC collects, analyses and maintains the latest data from selected organisations covering various industries using criteria that reflect market best practice. The Database covers all level of jobs from graduate entry level to CEO/ BOD positions.

Differentiating Features of the Database:

Database not Survey.
Unlike surveys, the Database does not have a cutoff date. Very often survey reports do not capture changes after the cutoff date; therefore, the information is only relevant for a particular duration.

Best Practice Information
The compensation information for benchmarking is developed by observing leading/selected companies based on the following criteria:

  • Reliable and sought after employers
  • Known for good HR Practices
  • Publicly acknowledged leading corporations
  • Industry sector leaders

Performance Driven
Towards improving business performance through competitive compensation strategy, the Database enables participating members to conduct Organisation Productivity and HR Productivity benchmarking against peer companies i.e. Revenue, Operating Margins, Return on HR Cost etc.

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