Achieving Corporate Plan 2016

Achieving Corporate Plan 2016

It is now a common believe that 2016 is expected to be a difficult year to achieve the results as planned. Some industries are affected due to foreign market conditions. The impact is predicted to be significant and certainly we will experience difficulty market conditions. However, many other organizations who are serving local consumption need not feel obstructed and discouraged.

This deterring mind set if not addressed creates the drag on organization energy. It is no different from the “self fulfilling prophecy” – a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true. For example, teachers who expect their students to do poorly eventually get poor results from their students.

How do we “reverse” the trend and generate positive feeling.

We would like to share with you case studies and consulting experiences where we have been directly involved with motivating people using tested methods and techniques. We have now integrated these methods and processes and developed the Performance Assurance System.

The approach we illustrate through these case studies and the performance assurance system is based heavily on the motivation of people to turn challenges to opportunities.

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